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2015.06.18 - Chemical production cluster in Republic of Bashkortostan

Building a cluster of chemical industry facilities basing on lignite deposits in the Republic of Bashkortostan.
Over 132 million tons of lignite deposits are planned for developing under the project.
Planned chemical cluster will be able to process over 3 million tons per year
More than 10 000 jobs will be created with this project over few years.
Modern technology is environmental friendly and won`t cause any harm to and environmental issues.

Details - (pdf file)

2010.01.19 - Five enterprises of Bashkortostan agricultural sector joined "Agro-300" club

The All-Russian Institute of Agricultural Issues and Computer Science (ARIAICS) named after Nikonov A.A. compiles annual rating of major agricultural produce growers. The register of 300 most effective agricultural enterprises due to results of 2006-2008 is issued. The rating was held among 8,5 thousand large and medium agricultural companies of Russia.
Two agricultural enterprises of Bashkortostan are among the first hundred. The 56-th place in upmarket agricultural rating is taken by "Bashkiria" poultry plant. Last year it was at place 55. Its revenues from poultry products sales make 986 153 thousand rubles during last three years. Clean profit of the enterprise for this period is 170 722 thousand rubles. The 64-th place is taken by "Alekseev" state farm where the revenues make 807 488 thousand rubles and its clean profit is 156 760 thousand.
The "Roschin" state farm (151 place) and "Turbaslin broilers" (177 place) are in the second hundred.
Significant work is done in "Bazy" agricultural production co-operative. Today the enterprise occupies the 215-th place in all-Russia rating. Last year it was on the 295-th place. Unfortunately, strategic economic section "Agrogals" dropped out of the list.
It's interesting that the line-up of the current club notably renovated. "Agro-300" unites enterprises of different branches but poultry industry representatives dominate - 37%. Analysts consider high business activity of head officers and observing labor and technological discipline to be major factors of enterprises' success.

2010.01.16 - Power engineers reconstructed "Maksimovka" electrical substation

One of the main events for energy system of the Republic in the gone year was 110/10/6 kv "Maksimovka" electrical substation reconstruction.
Separators and short-circuiters of two power transformers 25 MVA each were replaced with modern SF 6 circuit-breakers of VGT-110 kv type with disconnect switches of RGDS type.
According to information provided by "Bashkirenergo" JSC, the disconnect switches were manufactured by "Electroapparat" Ufimsk plant and SF 6 circuit-breakers - by Yekaterinburg "Energomach-Uralelectrotyazhmash".
All the operations were conducted by the forces of Ufa city electric mains. Instead of 110 kv arresters the excess-voltage suppressors of SPD-110/88 type with trip recorders were assembled.
"Maksimovka" ES is located in Kalinin region of Ufa. Its significance for the capital is confirmed by the fact that it feeds with electricity the northern water intake that supplies water to almost half of Ufa inhabitants and the city's enterprises including Ufa engine-building industrial association. Substation's reconstruction also made it possible to expand roomage of ongoing agricultural trade fair located in this part of the city.

2010.01.13 - Creation of Nanotechnology center on USAEU basis

Nanotechnology centers are going to be developed in Russia. One of the nanocenters is to be opened in Ufa. Four billion rubles will be allocated for creation of "nano-network" in the country.
"Rosnano" and "Rosatom" state corporations and a number of other enterprises will take part in creation of Nano-coating centers' network, as far as the usage of up-to-the-minute technologies will allow to substantially extend operating life of engines, boats' and cars' hulls, metal building structures etc. For example, nano-coating can extend operating life of gas turbine engines and increase their coefficient of efficiency.
The project stipulates development of new methods of nano-coating application. It is about high-speed physical vapor deposition and plasma-ionic magnetron sputtering. Today these are considered to be among the most perspective and in-demand technologies in the world. They will substitute the old and environmentally harmful ones like galvanic.
Nanocenters in Perm and Tumen are already in action now. It is planned to build similar centers in Saint-Petersburg, Surgut, Kursk and Ufa.
On the authority of USAEU Vice-principal on scientific and innovation activity, Professor Rustam Badamshin, the project of nano-center opening in Ufa is currently under development. It will be most probably based on research complex of Ufa State Aviation and Engineering University.

2010.01.13 - Power suppliers register heating consumption expansion and debts growth

Bashkiria power suppliers supplied the consumers with almost 22,4 million Gcal of heating energy in 2009. In December commercial products delivery amounted to more than 1,7 billion rubles and about 13,3 billion for the year.
Consumption expansion continues for the third month: in October productive supply of heating turned out to be higher than the planned figures by 1,2%, in November - by 8%, in December - by already 20,2%. The actual level of December 2008 was exceeded by 13,5% last month: consumers received almost 3,3 million Gcal of heating.
In December power suppliers received 1,71 billion rubles from consumers for the heating supplied, for the whole year they received 13,17 billion rubles.
Accounts receivable of "Bashteplosbyt" LLC subscribers grew by 221,4 million rubles in December. By the end of the year it amounted to 970 million. It's more than in the beginning of the year by 163,6 million rubles. As it was informed by "Bashkirenergo" JSC, the main debtor is housing maintenance and utilities complex. Its organizations accumulated their debt that numbers 178,1 million rubles. However, it's mainly a season occurrence as the HPU enterprises pay for heating energy not according to the actual data, but along the year due to standards.

2010.01.13 - Enterprises of "Bashspirt" JSC fully recycle distillery dreg

On May 1, 2010 the changes in Federal Law "About the State Regulation of Manufacture and Sales Volume of Ethanol, Alcoholic and Alcohol-Containing Products" will come into force.
According to these new requirements the enterprises that produce ethanol must fully recycle and/or utilize distillery dreg (the major waste product of alcohol production). To implement this federal law it is necessary to equip main manufacture with supplementary production machinery.
According to RB Ministry of Agriculture the enterprises of "Bashspirt" JSC are equipped with necessary machinery for distillery dreg recycling and are totally ready for the Law implementation.

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