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 Archive of news - August 2005

29.08.05. - JSC "Ufaneftehim" has processed more than 1,5 millions tons of crude oil for six months.

One of the largest enterprises of fuel-energy complex RB - JSC "Ufaneftehim" - has processed 1,527 millions tons of crude oil for the first six months 2005. As a result of its financial activity during the second quarter the enterprise has received more than one billion rubles of profit. This is slightly lower than in the first quarter but that can be explained by lowering the cost of oil processing.
JSC "Ufaneftehim" mainly processes oil, given on commission, and for this oil the enterprise has received 3,199 billions rubles in the second quarter.

27.08.05. - OJSC "Salavatnefteorgsintez" will launch the industrial production of orthoxylol in October

OJSC "Salavatnefteorgsyntez" is about to start in October an industrial output of orthoxylol, raw material for manufacture of phthalic anhydride and softener DOF. Development of its own manufacture of orthxylol will allow the enterprise to refuse it's purchase, to increase the depth of processing of oil raw material and, as a result, to lower the cost price of the production.
Experienced manufacture of new product for Salavat industrial giant has already begun: in July in the shop #34 (a factory "Syntez") starting-up and adjustment works were completed and the first party of orthoxylol was received. In the end of the last month there was begun a skilled run of installation of orthoxylol. The installation is tested at various loadings and regime parameters of work. As rcc.ru informs, soon the output of orthoxylol on "Syntez" will be suspended for the period of carrying out of reconstruction in the shop #33 (SMP).
And in October "Salavatnefteorgsyntez" plans to start the manufacture of orthoxylol by the full scheme, having involved both SMP and the factory "Syntez".
Let's add, that within the limits of realization of the project of creation of orthoxylol manufacture on the installations ## 2, 3 of the factory "Syntez" the works of transfer into the own system of heating are conducted, that will allow to provide stable heating of devices, pipelines and buildings, that, finally, will favorably be reflected in the cost price of the enterprise's production either.
Let's remind, the applied technology of orthoxylol getting has been developed by the experts of "Salavatnefteorgsyntez" conjointly with Petersburg Research LTD." Neftechimik ". The designed capacity of orthoxylol manufacture is 15 thousand tons a year.

26.08.05. - Sterlitamak "Avant guarde" masters the manufacture of new products for cattle breeding

In Sterlitamak FGUP "Avant guarde" a trial manufacture of a new product polythrile is begun . The technology of getting of this preparation applied in cattle breeding is fulfilled. Thus, it is planned to let out one ton of polythrile a month (and it is about 8 million rubbles) with gradual increase in volumes of manufacture. In the world the similar product is let out only by German firm " Bayer ".
Sterlitamak polythrile meets all the necessary requirements, and the cost price of manufacture is considerably lower that the West-European one. The developer, the investor and the customer of this medical product necessary for a cattle-breeding complex is Ufa LTD. "Polyvit".
In the nearest plans of the factory "Avant guarde" is development of manufacture of synthetic biological additives. Thus, the output of polyzone, a stimulator of the cattle weight will be begun next year; the necessary equipment for this purpose is available.
Let's remind, that FGUP "Avant guarde" before specialized exclusively on output of the products of defensive character. With the beginning of conversive policy it began to manufacture the production mainly of peace purpose. However and today the search of directions of further development is proceeding. Manufacture of anti-infaction means and biological fodder additives is one of them.

26.08.05. - Samara Cable Company is ready to refuse from imported elastron in favor of production of "Caustic" from Sterlitamac.

Samara Cable Company is ready to refuse from imported elastron, increasing volumes of purchased elastron of JSC "Caustic" from Sterlitamac with some correction of compounding. The plant "Uzcable" from Harkov is interested in triple increase of procurements of elastron from Sterlitamac. This is the main result of the business meeting of the largest producers and consumers of cable elastrons, held in Sterlitamac, for JSC "Caustic".
The decision to organize such meeting has ripened during all- Russian conference "Market of Polymeres-2005" (Alushta), where problems of producers of polymers and cable elastrons of Russia and CIS were discussed. The main goal is to establish closer partnership relations in the market.
The enterprise from Sterlitamac has become the main initiator of the meeting, since this is the largest producer and exporter of polymer production in Russia for today: its share covers 28% of all- Russian volume of cable elastrons' production. As news-service of JSC 'Caustic" reports, last year five production lines of the enterprise were provided with equipment of German company "Ermafa" and as a result, the volume of cable elastrons' production has grown up from 20 to 44 thousands tons per year.
The list of participants of the meeting included "Bashkir Chemistry", "Kamcable", "Sibur-Neftehim", dealing company "Himinvest", Samara Cable Company etc.

25.08.05. - New calcinator is launched at JSC "Soda".

The tenth steam calcinator was put into exploitation at JSC "Soda" yesterday. It allows the company increasing production of light soda ash up to 45 thousands tons per year. The course towards increase of soda ash production is dictated by world market conjuncture. Oil, chemical, metallurgical and glass industry needs soda ash more and more.
"We've developed the program, which first stage presumes increase of heavy soda production up to 900 thousands tons per year" - chief engineer of the company Anatoly Voronin reports - "Launching the steam calcinator is the first link in this chain of changes. At the same time we've installed new and more reliable equipment at our heat station, purchased in Germany. Same year we intend to install one more calcinator in the workshop of heavy soda. The next stage anticipates reconstruction and development of our warehousing and full automation of calcinators".
Deputy Director of operations of soda ash Sergei Lobastov, commenting launching the tenth steam calcinator, mentioned:
"This is very remarkable event for "Soda", although we change stoves for calcinators annually. Launching new equipment and increase of production capacities have to attract additional investments".

23.08.05. - Contract with Indian corporation "HAL" will supply "UMPO" with work for the nearest decades.

Press-conference at "UMPO" was devoted to plans concerning realization of the contract with Indian corporation "HAL" and to the main results of aviation show "MACS-2005". General Director of "UMPO" Uri Pustovgarov answered questions of journalists and the reason of this meeting was the event of the greatest importance for "UMPO" - signing the largest contract with the foreign company, which had happened in the first day of work at aviation show "MACS- 2005".
"Bashinform" has already reported that "Rosoboronexport" had signed the contract for organization of licensed production for aviation engine AL-55I for new training jet at the enterprise of the Indian corporation. "UMPO" was defined the pilot producer of works. The contract was signed in presence of President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The matter is production and equipment supply preliminary for 250 engines and further it is anticipated to produce one thousand engines AL-55I. Uri Pustovgarov says this contract will supply "UMPO" with work reserves for approximately 30 years and realization of the project is calculated as minimum in 200 millions dollars. Expenses for fulfilling this contract will be shared by "UMPO" evenly with the company "Saturn" - the main designer of the engine. The first model is already produced and is being successfully tested now.
Sure, for mastering of such production volume large investments are required - about 100-130 millions dollars. These means will be invested jointly with "Saturn". Uri Pustovgarov has reported they are eager to start negotiating with Sberbank.
Besides, the talk was also about organization and designing of a new product - aviation engine 117C, called to change the engine AL-31 at aircrafts of "SU" family.
"UMPO", "Saturn" and "Suhoi" are participants of the project. Another volume of work is going to be connected with promotion of production of stationary gas-power units for obtaining heat and electric energy. Russian market is just starts filling with such units and another task is to penetrate into foreign markets. Only in one India the demand in such units is practically inexhaustible.
"We have to go further mastering the market of gas-power units and assimilating diversification more actively, because staking on just aviation engines in present situation looks rather unreasonable"- General Director of "UMPO" said.

22.08.05. - Bashkortostan has produced bread and confectionery for the sum of more than one billion rubles in the first half 2005.

Large and average enterprises of Bashkortostan have shipped out bread and confectionery for the sum of 910 millions rubles and this is by 8,6% more that for the same period 2004. Shipment of dry bakery and confectionery of long-term storage has grown up 2,4 times and the sum from its realization made up 357 millions rubles.
By totals of January-June production of cacao, chocolate and sugar confectionery dropped by 49,3% and the main reason is closing these productions at JSC "Condi".
In all, more than 13 thousands tons of confectionery were put out for the abovementioned period, including two thousands 151 tons falling on JSC "Condi" and four thousands 867 tons on JSC "Harris CIS". Small volumes are distributed among all bakeries of Republic. where every such bakery has its own confectionery shop.

22.08.05. - the Progressive technologies introduced by the Neftekamsk factory of the oil-field equipment, have proved their efficiency

The modern technologies taken on arms by the experts of LTD. " Neftekamsk factory of the oil-field equipment ", have proved their efficiency. Progressive innovations concerned the shops on repair of pump-compressor pipes and bars.
Some years ago Joint-stock oil company ”Bashneft‘ made a decision on construction of the shops on repair of pump-compressor pipes and pump bars. It was done to lower the breakdown susceptibility and to reduce the expenses for purchase of the new equipment.
So in 2001 on the basis of the repair shop of pipes and bars of the Neftekamsk factory of the oil-field equipment the shop on repair of pump bars with annual volume of 38 thousand pieces was been started up in operation. Since then on a complex of editing, hardening and defectoscopy of pump bars BKSH-2 more than 60 thousand pump bars were restored and transmitted in repeated operation.
Not only the bars which are subjected to repair, but also new, acting with manufacturers ones began to pass the defectoscopy at this enterprise. The result had not kept itself waiting. Pretentious work became more active, and the quality of supplying production increased noticeably. As a result, breakdown susceptibility decreased and operational expenses for crafts reduced.
On the basis of the same shop in the end of 2001 conjointly with OJSC " UralNITI " the line on repair and defectoscopy of pump-compressor pipes (PCP) was started up.
Practical results proved all the expectations of experts. The between-repairs period of chinks work for four years increased from 696 to 775 days. The mergencies became rarelier. From 12,7 thousand tons in 2001 the need of pump-compressor pipes decreased to 7,4 thousand in 2005.
The next step is introduction of progressive technology of anticorrosive protection of internal surface of PCP. Thus the enterprise expected to prolong service life of pump-compressor pipes. Together with the American firm " Butler thermal power station " in 2003 the line on applying on an internal surface of pipes the powder paint PEP-585 made by Joint-Stock Company " Pigment " (St.-Petersburg) was started up in operation. The analysis of work of PCP with internal anticorrosive protection did not reveal for this time of any case of breakdown susceptibility.
Later experts of "Bashneft" analysed the experience of OJSC " Tatneft " and " Amerada =ess " (the USA, state of New Mexico) and decided to master the output of petrowire pipes in diameter 89Ņ6 millimeters with polymeric covering. Pipe spins with an internal polymeric covering are mounted in trade conditions with the use of the assembly machine of American firm " Butler thermal power station ". This excludes welding joint, which is a weak place of any pipeline.

Not only the bars which are subjected to repair, but also new, acting with manufacturers ones began to pass the defectoscopy at this enterprise. The result had not kept itself waiting. Pretentious work became more active, and the quality of supplying production increased noticeably. As a result, breakdown susceptibility decreased and operational expenses for crafts reduced.

18.08.05. - For the first half-year in Bashkortostan there was shipped tea and coffee on 39 million roubles

In the first half-year of current year tea and coffee were shipped on 39 million roubles by the enterprises of the tea industry of Bashkortostan. According to Ministry of Agriculture of RB, it's on 1,3 percent more than of the corresponding period of the last year though thus the index of industrial production of tea and coffee made up 98 percent. The reason is quite explainable, for last year the prices for this production a little grew.
The great part of industrial volumes belongs to a joint-stock company of the closed type "Teastan". Here for six months of the current year 593 tons of tea were let out, it is for two percent less, than in the last year. In total for this time the production was realized on 38,1 million roubles by the enterprise.

17.08.05. - In Bashkortostan in the first half-year of the current year 12151 thousand deciliters of beer were produced

On 1443 million roubles beer was shipped in the first half-year of the current year by the enterprises of the brewing industry of our republic. Let us notice, that it is for 23,5 percent more, than in January-June of the last year.
According to the data of RB Ministry of Agriculture, for first six months of this year the index of industrial production of beer was 111,6 percent. During this period the enterprises of the branch let out 12151 thousand deciliters of beer, that is for 11,6 percent more, than in the last year.
Among the large and medium republic enterprises producing beer, the greatest volumes fall to OJSC "Combine of beer-soft beverages "Shikhan" where for the accounting period 5740 thousand deciliters of production were made. It is on 4,6 percent more, than for same time of the last year. Here the commodity output was realized almost on 760 million roubles, the increase made up 9,8 percent. An index of industrial production here on the results of the half-year is 103,8 percent.

15.08.05. - Sibaysk concentrating factory received the trial lot of ore from Altay Territory

The first lot of ore for the processing was delivered to Sibaysk Concentrating Factory from Altay Territory. Thus, the Ural Mountain-Metallurgical Company continues to solve the old raw problem, because of which OJSC ”Bashkir copper-sulfuric combine‘ was transformed into Simbaysk branch of OJSC "Ulichnsk Ore Dressing Combine ". UODC was supported by the mountain manufacture in Sibay with the solid investments. But the problem with ore raw material from the agenda is not still taken off, though it became less sharp.
According to deputy director of Sibaysk branch of OJSC ”UODC‘ Jaudat Bikkinov and the main concentrator of the factory Natalia Syromjatnikova, first 15 thousand tons of ore from Rubtsovsky deposit will be processed for finding-out of expediency of the further cooperation with Altay. The matter is that the Altay ore contains lead in its structure. There are no complexities with its extraction, it will be just necessary to reconstruct the scheme on allocation of lead concentrate either. Certainly, new reagents and time for working off of technological process will be necessary. Only after that it will be possible to tell about the economic parameters.
Expanding the industrial base, one year ago UMMC created the division of the company, it's an enterprise ”Siberia-polymetals‘. Its Rubtsovsky polymetallic deposit opened 30 years ago, was reserved for Zyryanovsk concentrating factory, which is in the territory of Kazakhstan. But Rubtskovsky deposit is in Russia. It is difficult to process the ore in Kazakhstan, and there are no free capacities for processing in Siberia nearby. Thus, on Sibaysk concentrating factory the congestion now only about 30 percent, the conditions of processing of Altay ore are comprehensible. It is a favourable variant: the factory will receive an appreciable increase in loading capacities; people will have work guaranteed for the long period. And, the most essential, - deductions on development of social sphere will appear; nowadays the miner city is rather interested in these deeds.

15.08.05. - For the first half-year 20 thousand 211 tons of import meat stuff were delivered to Bashkortostan

Standard items of import raw material to Russia increase annually. According to some information, today already 60 percent of raw material at the Russian enterprises of meat reprocessing industry is imported. In Bashkortostan the same tendency is being noticed: this year the amount of import meat stuff was received on more than nine thousand tons more, than last year.
Totally for six months of the current year the enterprises of food and process industries of Bashkortostan received 20 thousand 211 tons overseas of meat stuff. As the agency " Bashinform " was informed in Management of Federal service on veterinary and fytosanitory supervision on Republic Bashkortostan (Rosselkhoznadzor), the brought in raw material is delivered our processors through Moscow and St.-Petersburg from the USA, Brazil, France, Germany, Argentina, Poland, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Holland, Uruguay, Canada and Finland.

15.08.05. - Moscow: about the interests of Sterlitamak FGUP "Avant guarde"

The meeting took place in Federal agency on the industry concerning the repayment of debts on wages to workers of FGUP "Avant guarde". Except the heads of administrations of Russian industry, the deputy of the State Duma Anatoly Starkov, the deputy minister of economic development and industry of RB Rais Mannapov's , the first assistant of the head of administration of Sterlitamak Nikolay Kirillov, general director of FGUP "Avant guarde" Asgat Ibragimov participated the meeting.
In 1992 Sterlitamak production association "Avant guarde" lost the state order. The recently prospered enterprise of defensive value began to acquire the problems quickly, to lose the industrial, scientific and personnel potential. The debts under the salary for today make up here 58 million 300 thousand roubles. Administration of city, the President and the Government of Bashkortostan repeatedly addressed to the Government of Russian Federation with the request of assistance in maintenance of the further functioning of the enterprise.
At the last meeting Administration of industry of an ammunition and special chemicals of Russian indusry is entrusted to prepare the project of the order of the Government of the Russian Federation about allocation of money resources from reserve fund of the government on repayment of debts on wages of FGUP "Avant guarde" . The same department is entrusted to provide carrying out of negotiations with the enterprises of the oil-extracting industry with the purpose of study of an opportunity of the conclusion of contracts with FGUP "Avant guarde" on purchase of production of the enterprise. It is recognized necessary to consider the petition of Government RB for allocation to the enterprise of means within the limits of the federal target program, write-off the debts in budgets of all levels and to OJSC "Bashkirenergo ".

15.08.05. - For half of a year "NefAZ" made production for the sum of two billion 526 million roubles

The net profit at the rate of 25 million 658 thousand roubles is received by the Joint-Stock Company " Neftekamsk car factory " according to the results of financial and economic activity in the first half-year 2005. These and other parameters were sounded at a session of Board of directors of OJSC "NefAZ" which took place some days ago.
For this time with the scheduled volume of two billion 355 million roubles the factory produced the production for the sum of two billion 526 million roubles. An index of physical volume - 108,9 percent.
For the first half-year of the current year there were let out 533 city, suburban and inter-city buses, 4371 auto dumpers, 235 watch cars, 154 tankers, 1274 half-trailers, 1238 trailers, 282 units of agricultural machinery. Besides there were made the consumer goods for the sum of 463 thousand roubles, spare parts to cars and hook-on technical equipment - on 79 million roubles.
For six months it was shipped the production for the sum of two billion 534 million roubles that makes 107,6 percent to the volume stipulated business-plan. It on a quarter is more, in comparison with a similar parameter of the last year.
The profit on sales of the last half-year is received in the sum of 131 million 176 thousand roubles. In total earned in this year profit is on 55 percent more, in comparison with the same period of the last year.
At the factory the process of modernization also proceeds. Now there is work on reconstruction of the shop of painting of the auto dumper cases. Here the line of shatter-cutting processing was put into operation.
All the data once again is confirmed by the leading positions of OJSC "NefAZ " in machine-building branch of Bashkortostan. We shall remind, that due to the results of the last half-year this enterprise is named among the winners of the economic competition, traditionally held by the Ministry of economic development and industry RB.

15.08.05. - For the first half-year the alcoholic enterprises of Bashkortostan have shipped the production on two billion 403 million roubles

On the results of the first half-year the index of production alcoholic industry of Bashkortostan made up 107,9 percent. In particular, the volume of manufacture of alcoholic production, in comparison with the last year, has increased on19 percent, grape wine - on 5,2 percent, the distilled alcoholic drinks - on 0,2 percent, and manufacture of ethyl spirit from fermented materials, on the contrary, was reduced on 30 percent.
According to Ministry of Agriculture RB, totally for the first half-year in the republic the ready-made drinks were shipped for the sum of two billion 403 million roubles, this index exceeds the similar parameter of the last year on 14,4 percent.
The gain is provided on Sterlitamak alcoholic combine (ALCC) "Stalk" ("plus" 45,6 percent), on Ishimbaysk wine-vodka distillery (WVD) (29,6 percent), Ufa ALCC "Golden Age" (46,6 percent), Belebeevsk ALCC (13 percent) and Ufa WVD "Iremel" (26,4 percent).

12.08.05. - Production of sunflower oil and butter grew up in Bashkortostan.

Republican producers of vegetable oil and butter sold their production out for the sum of 95 millions rubles in the first half 2005 - approximately 2-4 times more than on January-June 2004.
According to information of Ministry of agriculture RB index of industrial production for butter and vegetable oil has reached 179,9% by totals of the first six months 2005.
The results of work of JSC "Chischminskoe" have partially influenced production growth of this branch. The plant has processed 27, 15 thousands tons of sunflower seeds, producing almost 10,2 thousands tons of sunflower oil. Compared with 2004 the growth made up 15,7%.

11.08.05. - Almost 100 thousands tons of granulated sugar was produced in RB for the first half 2005.

Enterprises of sugar industry RB have put production out for the sum of more than 904 millions rubles for the first half 2005 - 8,3 times more than for January-July 2004.
According to information of Ministry of agriculture RB for the first six months 2005 sugar was loaded for the sum of 725 millions rubles - 3,5 times more than in 2004.
The index of sugar production has reached 299,7%. During this period of time four Republican sugar plants have processed 28232 tons of sweet roots and 98744 tons of raw. From this amount 99582 tons of granulated sugar has been received, including 3773 tons from local raw and the rest was imported.

10.08.05. - For 6 months 2005 Republican enterprises of chemistry and oil chemistry have put production out for the sum of 19,1 billions rubles.

19,1 billions rubles - this is the sum of output, produced by Bashkir enterprises of chemistry and oil chemistry for the first half 2005. 17,6 billions fall on chemical production and one billion and a half - on rubber and plastic wares. Index of industrial production is 97,3%.
According to information of the department of fuel-energy complex development, coordination of branches of economics, external economic relations and trade Bashkir Government Machinery, the decrease of production volumes occurred because of reduce of sulphuric acid production (82,4% to the level of the first half 2004), ethylene (89,5%), polypropylene (92,4%) and phenol (96,5%). Volumes of production of synthetic resins and plastics, including polyethylene, remain the same within the limits of last year volumes.
Production of hydrochloric acid was increased in the first half 2005 (101,2% to the level of January-June 2004), as well as hydrate of sodium and soda ash (102,4 and 103%), benzol (102,1%) and styrene (118%).
Activity of such industrial giants as JSC "Caoutchouc" (production volumes on last year level), JSC "Soda" (97,4%), JSC "Caustic" (105,4%) and JSC "Sterlitamacsky oil-chemical plant" (100,4%) had essential influence on forming branch indices of Republican chemistry and oil chemistry. The share of these enterprises covers 80% of production, produced by the branch on the whole.
It is remarkable that JSC "Meleuzovsky Fertilizers" has doubled its production volumes and JSC "STEKLONIT" increased its production by 11,4%. JSC "Tuimazytechuglerod" has 100,1% of its production index.
Specialists mark favorable price conjuncture sprang up in the first half 2005 and internal demand was bucked up.

09.08.05. - Oil Company "Bashneft" has mined about seven millions tons of oil from the beginning of the year.

The largest oil-gas mining company RB "Bashneft" has mined about seven millions tons of oil for seven months from the beginning 2005.
The largest amount of "black oil" was taken from deposits, exploited by oil-gas mining department "Krasnoholmskneft". For seven months this department mined more than 1,26 millions tons of oil. "Arlanneft" and "Chekmagushneft" have more than a million tons on their account Along with oil, Oil Company "Bashneft" has mined more than 193,6 millions cubic meters of accompanying gas and more than 17,4 millions cubic meters of natural gas.

09.08.05. - the Index of industrial production in Ufa on results of seven months made up 106,5 percent

Social and economic development of city in the first half-year 2005 is characterized by advancing rates of growth of the basic parameters in comparison with the corresponding period of the last year, - the assistant of the head of administration of Ufa Albina Jusupova told at the press conference in the municipal administration . Basically it was a question of results of work for a half-year, but some data summed up the seven-month-work.
Thus, the index of industrial production across Ufa according to the results of seven months made up106,5 percent. The volume of shipped production and the rendered services in the actual prices on the enterprises of extracting and processing manufactures of the city has exceeded the level of shipment of the goods and rendering of services in January-July of the last year in 1,7 times. In money terms it is 101,3 billion roubles.
Parameters of foreign trade activities are even more significant. On the results of six months of current year the foreign trade turnover made up one billion 514,6 million dollars and increased in comparisson with the corresponding level of 2004 in 1,9 times. Trading partners of Ufa enterprises were 41 countries of the far abroad and ten republics CIS. For the half-year the goods on the sum of 1369,3 million dollars were exported by the enterprises of Ufa, it is in 1,8 times more, than in the similar period of the last year. The import goods were purchased in 2,4 times more - on the sum of 145,3 million dollars. Thus, the trading balance has positive balance in volume of 1224 million dollars and exceeds a level of the first half-year 2004 in 1,8 times.
According to Albina Jusupova, the growth of investment activity of the enterprises, the organizations and the population allowed to increase the volumes of capital investments into the economics of the city in January-June of the current year, in comparison with the last year, on 6,7 percent (according to the comparable prices).
From the beginning of year due to all the sources of financing it is constructed and put into operation the apartment houses with total area of 205,3 thousand square meters, that is on 9,6 percent more, than in the similar period of the last year. Due to means of individual builders it is introduced 51,2 thousand square meters in houses of a private sector with growth by corresponding period of 2004 on 11,5 percent.
For a half-year 9,7 kilometers of gas networks, 1293 running meters of water supply systems to houses of private building are laid.
Reconstruction of automatic telephone exchange 22/23 is completed and automatic telephone exchanges 44/48, 20/27 and automatic telephone exchange "Melkombinat " are introduced. Due to them the city telephone system has increased for 33,5 thousand numbers.
Speaking about the efficiency of use of the property which is being in charge of city, Albina S. Jusupova named the figure 320,5 million roubles (53,3 percent of the annual task). Successful performance of planned targets on receipt of the taxes into the budget of city is also provided. The basic directions of development of housing-and-municipal sphere of the city in the first half-year of this year were qualitative and duly granting services to inhabitants, realization of the city target programs. Due to the budgetary appropriations major overhaul of an available housing for the sum of 31,4 million roubles is made. Modernization of antenna facilities in 225 houses is lead.
It is repaired 183,6 thousand square meters of roads, sidewalks and the areas.
Albina Jusupova noted, that the condition of the consumer market and the market infrastructure of the city are characterized by stability, by saturation of the trading network with the basic goods, with growth of sales volume. As a proof she cited the following facts: for the first half-year 2005 retail commodity circulation on a full circle of the enterprises made up 35,4 billion roubles with growth by the corresponding period of the last year (in the comparable prices) on eight percent. The volume of paid services made up about of 8,4 billion roubles.
Characterizing financial and economic parameters in accordance with the basic kinds of activity of the enterprises and the organizations of the city, the assistant of the head told, that on 1th July of this year the balance profit in volume of 17,4 billion roubles is received, that's in 2,3 times more, than it was in the corresponding period of the last year.
Also it was a question of work of a municipal transport, average month wages in various branches of economics, development of social sphere and small business. Thus, Albina Jusupova emphasized, that more than 70 percent of budgetary receipts go on support of social sphere and housing and communal services.

08.08.05. - Milk processors of Bashkortostan began to purchase more raw material

This year milk processing enterprises of the republic purchased raw material on three percent more, than last year. According to Ministry of Agriculture RB, totally from the beginning of the year milk processing enterprises got 214 thousand 363 tons of milk, from public economies either - 184 thousand 350 tons.
Experts mark, that gathering surpluses of milk in private sector is especially well organized: present parameters, in comparison with last year's ones, have grown on 11,2 percent and on the beginning of July reached 30 thousand 13 tons. The following enterprises considerably increased purchase of milk in their personal farmsteads: OJSC " Miyakimolzavod " (on 15,5 percent), OJSC " Agro-2000 " (on 33,2), MUP " Tatyshlinsk Milk Factory " (on 11,1), OJSC " Tolbazymolzavod " (on 17,1), JSC " Meleuzovsk Tinned Milk Factory " (on 2), OJSC "Sterlibashevsk Milk Factory " (on 28,2), OJSC " Neftekamsk Municipal Milk Factory " (on 9,3), OJSC " Ufamolagroprom " (on 16,4), OJSC " Bakalinsk Cheese Factory " (on 24,5), JSC " Davlekanovsk Milk Combine " (on 10,7 percent).

08.08.05. - Republic increases production of motor-car benzenes.

Oil-processing Republican industry goes on increasing production of motor-car benzenes. By the totals of the first half 2005 three millions tons of benzene were put out and the growth was 11,9%.
At the same time output of high-octane benzenes was lowered by 8,1%. According to information of the department of fuel-energy complex, coordination of branches of economics, external economic relations and trade of Bashkir Government Machinery the reason is redistribution of raw material flows towards production of aromatic hydrocarbons at Ufa oil-processing plants.
During first half of the year 4,8 millions tons of diesel fuel and 2,7 millions tons of fuel oil were produced. Compared with the same period of 2004 production growth made up 7,3 and 14,8% correspondingly.

08.08.05. - Ufa instrument-makers will take part in exhibition "MACS- 2005".

Specialists of federal state unitary enterprise "Ufa instrument-making production enterprise" (UPPO) are preparing to take part in exhibition "MACS-2005".
As news-agency "Bashinform" has already reported, ten leading aviation enterprises RB will take part in it. In all, about 600 exhibitors from 40 world countries are expected to take part in the VII International aviation-space show "MACS-2005" to be held in the town of Zukovsky, August 16-21.
UPPO will demonstrate its projects in staff of stands of leading Russian design offices: federal state unitary enterprise "Saint-Petersburg design office "Electroavtomatica", aviation design office "Suhoi", aviation design office "Kamov" and "Aviation Instrument Holding", which staff UPPO is included in.

05.08.05. - the Volume of innovative production at the machine-building enterprises increases

Manufacture of 307 new products was mastered in the first half-year of 2005 by the enterprises of a machine-building complex of the republic. Up to the end of year it is planned to master even more two hundred novelties.
As it was noted before at Ufa republican meeting on the results of work of the enterprises of branch for six months of the current year, the volume of innovative production for this period has grown twice.
Here the list of some products mastered in the running year. First, it is a new engine AL55 for training planes of OJSC ”UMPO‘. Experts of FGUP "KumAPP" have developed some updated models of helicopters of family " Kamov ". In OJSC ”UZEMIK‘ the manufacture of 44 names of the new and modernized products began. At the Bashkir trolley-bus factory they began to let out the swing-jointed trolley buses 6205¶. Soon there a low-floor trolley bus with the unit of an independent course will be produced.
FGUP "Ufa factory of metal and plastic products " mastered seven new kinds of products: armchair-carriages for adults with the heightened carrying capacity, small-sized for adults and room ones for teenagers. Novelties of OJSC "Red proletarian " - units for chinks repair of new updated models, including equipped with a hydraulic drive, and also a four-axle platform for car-tanks mounting.
In OJSC " Stroymash " have started the manufacture of three kinds of pre-production models of new production: a pile-driver mount on the basis of the car " KamAZ ", a mechanism of rotation of piles and the hinged boring equipment.
OJSC "NefAZ " actively masters the output of new vehicles . Their position in total amount of the commodity output made up 11,3 percent. Here seven kinds of products are mastered and three new models of dunping mountings of the heightened carrying capacity, an automobile half-trailer (caddy-cart) with weight of a transported cargo up to 20 tons are let out.
At the JSC "Vityaz " two-unit floating conveyors with a cabin of the high comfort, with manipulator IF-ZOOS and a dredge of firm " Hitachi " are produced.
Technical and design services of FGUP "UPPO " mastered and prepared for manufacture 28 new products of aviation, technological and consumer purpose. And one more perspective development is a new power facilities on the basis of gas-turbine mountings of type GTE-10/95 which are made by SME "Motor". Such mountings reduce the cost price of manufacture of the electric power and heat in one and half - two times in comparison with traditional boiler-houses.
On "Hydraulics" the works under the project "Organization of manufacture of auxiliary gas-turbine engines of new generation " are being conducted. This list can be continued. Practically at each stably working enterprise there is a development of new competitive products with which it will be possible to occupy the international market.

04.08.05. - Food-makers RB put production out for the sum of more than 9,5 billions rubles for six months 2005.

Ministry of agriculture RB reports for the first half 2005 enterprises of food and food-processing industry (large and average) have put production out (including drinks and tobacco) for the sum of more than 9,5 billions rubles - by 16,2% more than for the same period 2004. Industrial production index reached 101,2%.
The growth has mainly occurred due to increase of production of sausages (by 11,6%), butter (1,7%) and vegetable oil (12,6%).
Meat and sub-products of the first category found among foods, which production dropped, (by 22,2% less than in 2004), as well as bread and bakeries (by 6,9%), flour (by 51,6%), cereals (by 21,6%) and milk production (by 1%).

03.08.05. - Industrial drains of "Polyef" will be cleared by bacteria

On clearing constructions of polyester complex "Polyef" cultivation of biologically active silt for clearing water drains of an acetic acid is begun.
Biologically active silt consists of two kinds of bacteria - aerobic and anaerobic. The first ones are kept in the open tanks with the capacity of 20 thousand tons, anaerobic ones - in closed tanks with the same capacity. The mechanism of action is following. Inside of the tanks there are rotating blades which provide access of nutrients to weight of bacteria. After passage through a layer of the bacteria, eating an acetic acid, water goes on the further clearing, and then comes back in a production cycle.
Biologically active silt is a part of complex multistage system of the clearing developed by the Russian scientists. In manufacture of ™ű®űĮ™ūŻűÚĢý acid it is applied first time. The complex of clearing constructions occupies a quarter of industrial platform of "Polyef".
As the agency " Bashinform " was informed, at OJSC " Factory "Selena" (we shall remind, "Polyef" was purchased by a factory "Selena" in March in this year), by the moment of start-up of a complex in October the stock of biological silt, sufficient for processing scheduled volumes of technical water will be created.
At present for cultivation of bacteria the limited volumes of acetic acid are delivered to the enterprise. The complex of pre-start actions started its carrying out in July, 19th and it will be prolonged till the moment of start of a factory in the middle of October, 2005. All the installations and systems in the prestarting mode work normally.

01.08.05. - Collective of Ufa engineers is awarded for its contribution to creation of aircrafts of "SU" brand.

Among numerous awards and prizes, won by JSC "UMPO", there is a diploma in honor of 110th anniversary from the birth date of chief designer Pavel Osipovitch Suhoi. The collective of "UMPO" engineers was awarded by it for its contribution in creation of aircrafts of "SU" brand.
As it is known, "UMPO" produces aviation engines for jet airplanes of "SU" family. Models of aircrafts were originally designed by Pavel Suhoi.
Specialists witnessed the first projects of aircrafts: high altitude fighter SU-1 and medium bomber SU-2 possessed aerodynamic and aesthetic perfection. And everything, designed by development department of Suhoi was remarkable by audacity of engineering ideas and novelty of solutions.
The diploma was sent from JSC "The Company "Suhoi" and from Suhoi's development department, continuing the line of the great designer.

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