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 Archive of news - March 2007

March 26, 2007 - Bashkortostan's Sugar Industry Enterprises Ship RUR 3,747 Million Worth Of Products

Last year Bashkortostan's sugar industry enterprises shipped RUR 3,747 million worth of products, which is 95.6% up on the year before. The index of industrial production made up 102.1%.
According to the Agriculture Ministry of the republic, last year 1,157,000 tons of sugar beet and 147,500 tons of raw sugar were processed, correspondingly a rise by 29.1% and a fall by 10.5% compared to the previous year.
A total of 294,386 tons of sand sugar was produced, a rise by 2.3% compared to 2005. A total of 149,384 tons of products were made out of sugar beet, and 145,002 tons out of raw sugar.

March 20, 2007 - Sibay BashMedStroy Boosts Construction Volumes

A large construction enterprise BashMedStroy Ltd will be engaged for a long term in construction of different objects at the Yubileynyi pit in Khaibullin district of the Republic of Bashkortostan.
The second most important copper deposit of the Russian Federation is situated in Khaibullin district. Presently, one more mining and processing plant is being set up in the there. The aim of the BashMedStroy's personnel, a subdivision of the Ural mining and smelting company, is to provide miners with normal working and living conditions at the Yubileynyi pit, which is being developed. As it is known, BashMed Ltd won the right for its development at the tender held in December 2005.
"By the year 2010 the first line of the enrichment factory is to be launched at the pit with the annual output of 1.5 million tons of ore. In 2013 the second line of the factory is planned to be launched. The capacity of ore processing will rise then by 3 million tons. By that time the subsoil pit is to be in operation," - reported Valentin Astayev, head of BashMedStroy Ltd, in an interview to a regional newspaper Uralskii Proekt (Uarl Project). "This May we will begin construction of a tailing dump for the first line of the enrichment factory with the estimated cost of RUR 200 million."
Currently, the preparatory works are underway. The documentation for the object will be obtained in June. It is planed to construct over 400 houses and develop the necessary infrastructure for the miners and dressers in the Akiar village, the administrative centre of Khabibulin district. A total of RUR 500 million is planned to be spent for the efforts.

March 15, 2007 - Ufamolagroprom and Ufamolzavod end 2006 with balance sheet profit of RUR 115 million

The Ufa's leading diaries Ufamolagroprom and Ufamolzavod, ended 2006 with the balance sheet profit of RUR 115 million. This is a significant increase compared to the last year.
The growth of indicators is directly connected with modernization and equipment with new instrumentation and technologies. Investments totaling RUR 116 million were channeled for this purpose last year. According to the experts, this allowed to extend the product assortment and increase the number of new products up to 200 names.

March 07, 2007 - Real Estate Agencies Determine Their Share On Ufa Real Estate Market

Each company at a certain phase of its development raises the question of defining its market share. And here, the major problem is real evaluation of the general market potential and volume of the practically realized services within a particular period. In most types of business it is only possible to make a rough estimation. Some governmental structures try to find a solution to the issue using legislative methods, for example, via introducing compulsory accounting, which makes the task easier if the access to the information is possible.
The governmental structure in charge of the real estate market is the Main Department of Federal Registration Service for the Republic of Bashkortostan, which allowed the Ufa-based real estate agencies to define with absolute precision their shares, basing on the operations that had been actually carried out. But the estimation of market potential, which would take into account, for example, the so called "differed demand", is possible only via the methods of expertise and polling.
According to the Registration Service, in 2006 the share of the secondary real estate market, controlled by the network of Expert real estate agencies, basing on the practically completed deals, made up 10%, and that of the Algoritm (Algorithm) group of companies - 8%. Other real estate agencies fell short to occupy as much as 2% each. Thus, it may be established as a fact that currently two leading companies are present at the real estate markets of Ufa and the Republic of Bashkortostan.
Some believe that large networks of real estate agencies control the immovables' price level due to large market share. But this is a mistake. Real estate agencies do not deal in reselling objects, adding the markups, so they have no means of influencing on the prices formed by the correlation of demand and offer. Real estate agencies only provide services. A similar analysis also revealed that the major share of the registered deals (up to 30%) are deals with participation of the so called "shady brokers" or "shady realtors" (individuals not registered with tax authorities as private entrepreneurs).
The citizens have to bear in mind that a "shady broker", unlike an agency, bears no responsibility for the possible unforeseen or intentional consequences. So, it is not at all profitable for the agencies, in order to avoid possible court examinations, to deal with dubious agreements and objects, and a realtor (real estate expert) of a real estate agency will make every effort to avoid conclusion of such deal and dissuade a client from it.

March 5, 2007 - OZNA Offers Using Its Training Apparatus

We are not only manufacturing the equipment, but also train how to use it. This rule has long ago been added to the armory of the OZNA open joint stock company. Experts of the service enterprise OZNA-Service have been engaged for over 10 years in training the personnel of their customer companies, which facilitates combining experience of manufacturer and customer, and jointly find answers to all the emergent questions.
Measuring equipment 'Impulse 40-4-400' manufactured by the OZNA JSC is used as a training apparatus for training operators to use the technologies of operating wells.
The Tatneft oil company and 'Center of Perfection of Oil Fields Development Methods' are the customers of the training project. The equipment will be installed in the training center of the Sarmatneftegaz OJSC.
Apart from technological component, the training apparatus delivery set includes imitation stand of the installation with software for PC, which imitates a real process of work with all the preset parameters. Status and work of controlling devices and appliances of the installation may be seen at a symbolic circuit and sound signals may be heard during the imitation of actuators work. Also there is a possibility for setting in a dialog mode the parameters of fluid and gas consumption, and that of density.
The training complex by the example of the 'OZNA-Impulse' installation will help oil and gas extracting operators better master their profession and learn all the operations of metering.

March 02, 2007 - Baymak Engineering Plant Celebrates Its 50-ht Anniversary

Yesterday the Baymak engineering plant named after Shagit Khudaiberdin celebrated the half-century anniversary of its operation. The enterprise was founded on the base of a copper-smelting manufacture dating back to the pre-revolution times. Recently the enterprise has received a new name, and now it is a casting-mechanical plant.
In course of 50 years the plant has become one of the leading enterprises in its area of business, it has a leading industrial labour collective of the town Baymak and of the eponymous district. Operating in the market conditions, having changed its status form a state-owned enterprise into a joint stock company, the staff does a great job for preserving the production capacities, improving the technologies and raising the production effectiveness, as well as on solving the social problems of the plant, town, and the whole district.
During the last 50 years over 10,000 Baymak residents bound their destinies with that of the enterprise. In the last decades the plant was virtually created anew. In a short time new types of products were developed, which are catered to many domestic and foreign enterprises. Within the last half-century over 1,500 people continuously worked at the plant for 20-30 years or more. Due to their labour achievements 24 plant employees were granted high professional ranks of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bashkortostan, honorary sectoral ranks. 149 were rewarded with orders and medals. They are the most valuable possession of the plant.
Being the city-forming enterprise, the plant takes an active part in solution of Baymak's and district's social problems. It has built hundreds of apartments, dozens of kilometres of engineering service lines, and many other needed social and cultural objects.

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